Should You Replace Only a Damaged Section of Your Roof?

When it comes to repairing your roof, the decision to replace a damaged portion is an important one. Whether the damaged part is small or large, there are many considerations to take into consideration. Although it is technically possible to repair half of the roof, most experts recommend that you replace the entire roof. Before you decide whether to replace only a section, contact a roofing contractor or roofer to get an evaluation of the damaged part.

If the damage is minor and confined to a small area, you can get away with patching. However, if the roof is more than 25 percent damaged, you’ll need a new roof. If you’re replacing a large portion of the roof, you’ll have to pay more. A roofing consultant can recommend a course of action that will be more effective and save you money.

Another consideration is the integrity of the newly replaced section. If the damaged portion is leaking, it will have a negative impact on the integrity of the new section. It is better to replace the entire roof so that the entire home will be protected. In addition, it will ensure that the entire roof is equal in protection.

Another consideration when repairing a roof is the age of the material. While asphalt shingles can be replaced easily, metal panels may require more complex repair. It can also be tricky to match the new shingles with the old ones due to exposure. A reliable roofing contractor will have the ability to order shingles that match the existing color.